Ownership Options

Residential Tourism - NUIT 400226865
House sales in terms of Mozambican 'Decreto 39/2013 da 31 December - Turismo Residencial’
Go Wild Resort is compliant with the above law:

Full Ownership:
Full or Outright Ownership gives the investor 100% ownership of the holiday home. The home can be occupied on a full time basis or the weeks not utilized by the owner may be use for rental
Each luxury air-conditioned, self-catering unit consists of: 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Dining room/Lounge fully fitted with LCD TV, DSTV, microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer, as well as its own private splash pool, outdoor shower, under cover entertainment area, own parking and breath taking sea view.

Fractional Ownership:
Fractional Ownership implies the Syndication of a property or in other words co-owning a holiday home.
Fractional ownership offers you the opportunity to buy partial ownership of a quality and substantial holiday home in a first class resort area. It is the ideal vehicle to acquire a share in something that would otherwise be out of reach.
The benefits of Fractional Ownership
Cost effectiveness - You only pay for what you use. Owning a holiday home outright results in it costing you 100% yet you only have limited use thereof,
Affordability - Leisure property has become very costly to acquire and maintain. Sharing these costs makes financial sense,
Capital growth - You benefit directly from the growth of the asset.
Mozambique, unlike South Africa, has a different method of ownership of property. The developer holds the cession of lease on the land and once construction of the home is completed, the cession of the lease is transferred into the name of the new owner(s).
Go Wild Resort offers 12 fractional shares per house. Each share allows the purchaser access to 3 x 10 day breaks a year. The utilization of these periods is set out in a fixed rotation schedule. The shareholders have exactly equal segment and will occupy the home one full year over a 12 year period.

Each owner has their own time period (typically one/two weeks) in which they can utilize the facilities, amenities, accommodations and all attributes associated with the resort.
As with any other piece of real estate the owner may:
• Use his or her week
• Rent out his or her week
• Give it to family and friends to use
• Leave it to his or her heirs
• Exchange into thousands of other timeshare resorts worldwide
• Sell it
The Go Wild Resorts timeshare weeks works on a Fixed week basis.
You own rights to a specific week, in a specific house. This is your "home resort", which you can either return to every year (same week every year) or trade through our exchange system for something similar in another part of the world, though not necessarily in the same week that you own.