Travel Info for Mozambique

Following the announcement of the new regulation put into place by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding travelling with children in and out of South Africa, please take urgent note of the below summary and the extract from the Publication of the Draft Immigration Regulations 2014 in regard to documentation required when travelling with children under 18 years.
New travel regulations relating to travel with children

- Both parents travelling with child(ren) - under the age of 18 years have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child
(both parentsf details must be on the birth certificate)
- One parent travelling with child(ren) - must have consent from other parent in the form of an affidavit, court order stating that the other parent is aware that the child is travelling and has given permission for the child to travel, or custody agreement confirming permission to
travel with child(ren)
- One parent travelling with child(ren) - and other parent passed away, must produce death certificate of deceased parent.
- Guardians travelling with child(ren) - will need to have a passport, unabridged birth certificate and an affidavit or court order signed by both parents allowing permission for the child to travel. In the event that both parents have passed away a death certificate for both deceased parents must be used.
- If your child is travelling unaccompanied - the situation is slightly more complicated. You will still need the passport, unabridged birth certificate and affidavit or court order stating the child has permission to travel. To add to this you will need contact details of the person receiving the child, as well as a certified copy of their ID or passport and their physical address.
Failing to provide these documents will result in not exiting the country.

Travel Documents and Customs

• Valid Passport with more than 6 months remaining till expiry date.
• Valid Visa, which should be obtained prior to your visit. South African Passport holders do not need a Visa. Please Note: if the period issued on your visa is exceeded, a fine per day will be charged for every day overstayed.
• Current Driver's license or International Drivers License. A Mozambican Driver's License is required if staying for more than 6 months.
• Insurance letter
• Vehicle registration Documents.

Documents Required for vehicle, trailers and boats
•Valid passport of the driver
•Certified copy of vehicle, trailer and boat registration papers in the name of the driver
•Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle, trailer or boat are not owned by the driver
•If the vehicle, trailer or the boat are still being financed, carry a letter of authority from the bank (must include dates of travel) together with the vehicle license papers.
•Valid driver's license
• Proof of car insurance for RSA
•Temporary Import Permit for vehicle: Compulsory
•Third-Party Insurance: Compulsory - Available at the border post.
•Red Warning Triangles: 2 triangles required (does not need to be displayed on car)
•Reflective Jacket: If more than two people are travelling in the car, then two jackets will be required (to be used when changing a tyre, at an accident scene, or if loading)
•Yellow and Blue Mozambique Warning Triangle: Two stickers required if towing a trailer; one in the front of the vehicle (on the bumper) and one on the rear of the trailer
•ZA Sticker: At the back of the vehicle
•Important Notes: ◦Never give your passport to anyone and avoid using locals to assist with border assistance
Rand currency is acceptable in most areas in Mozambique
◦Carry copies of your passport and driver's license

What to do in a case of an accident involving a motor vehicle or other person:
1. If the accident is between vehicles or persons don’t remove your vehicle before the police arrive at the site of the accident
2. If the person is injured (but not badly) put him in a vehicle (not the one involved in a collision with another vehicle) and take him and someone who knows the person to the nearest hospital and ask the medical doctor or assistant to call the police
3. Show the police your driver’s licence, car papers and insurance for your vehicle
4. Call the insurance company to assist you.
5. Contact the tourism association, your destination resort or reservation agent

What to do if stopped by the traffic police:
1. Traffic police are dressed in a white shirt and blue trousers – police in grey or green are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses
2. Put on your indicator and pull over
3. Remove your sun-glasses and turn the music down (a sign of respect and trust)
4. Greet the officer politely, never be rude (plse see attached a list of Portuguese translations to assist you in communicating with the officer)
5. Wait for him to ask what he wants and check that he is wearing his badge before handing over you identification (no badge then no questions or fine)
6. Go through the motions of showing your license etc (you do not have to hand it over)
7. If you are guilty of an offence first apologize
8. If he does not “forgive” you then insist on a receipt
9. Keep the receipt and show to your host destination, let them make a copy
11. If you have paid and the officer does not give you a receipt do not give up and leave, ask for your money back
12. Do not be scared or intimidated but do not be aggressive
13. Advise the officer that you will not pay, or want your money back, as the fine is not legal and if he gives you any problems you will report him to your host destination, tourism association, or at the next police station

Common Traffic Offences:
1. NOT WEARING FRONT AND BACK SEAT BELTS (This is the most common reason for stopping of vehicles)
2. Driver’s licence
3. Speeding
4. Non-roadworthy vehicle (lights, brakes etc)
5. Not having 2 triangles
6. Not having 1 safety jacket
7. Not having an insurance policy
8. Drunk driving
9. Ignoring traffic regulator lines, signs etc
10. Not having a blue and yellow towing sticker on the front of your vehicle if towing
11. Canoes or loads on top of vehicles must not obstruct ANY view of the windscreen (eg: canoes must face up so curved end does not obstruct view)
12. Maximum amount for fine is 1,000mtn
If you require advice regarding an accident or police please contact your insurance company, resort destination or the Gaza Tourism Association/ASINHOS on +258 823 969 890

Mozambique Dialling Code (00258)
Contact Details
Mozambique Consulate General
+27 (011) 327-5704/ 5/ 7/ 9

Mozambique High Commission +27 (012) 401-0300
Komati Border Post +258 2155 0010
Lebombo Border Post +27 (013) 793-7201
Lebombo Border Post Police +27 (013) 793-7311
SA Representative Tel: +258 2149 1614