What to bring along

If you don't have enough time to do shopping before leaving for your Holiday in Mozambique, Relax!!!
You can now do almost all your shopping at the new Shoprite and SaveRite that have opened their doors in Xai- Xai, almost everything you might need for your holiday under one roof.

• Cash -There is a Standard Bank ATM available in Xai-Xai Main town opposite the market and a FNB ATM is also available in the main road across KFC. Money can be drawn from almost all other local ATM's with Visa Card.
We advise not to carry large quantities of cash, rather withdraw money from the ATM's on regular basis.

• Beach towels- The resort provide Bath towels not to be used at the beach or around the Pool area.

• Meat - It is advisable to bring your own meat

• Toiletries of personal nature.

• Cell phones: Mozambique has relatively good cellphone reception in most of the areas. Check with you local cellphone provider regarding cost when roaming in Mozambique. It is highly advisable to switch of all Data communication (whatsApp, facebook etc) on you phone as data roaming is very expensive, If
you have arranged roaming with your South African network and you want to call a number in SA, please remember to add +27 to the number you would like to call. Eg: if the number is 082 615 XXXX, then change this to
+27 82 615 XXXX. Remember when in Mozambique and receiving calls, that is answered, your service provider charges you for it (clarify it with you local cellphone provider) It is recommended that you buy a local sim card at the border post or in town, calls are less expensive.

• Sunscreen (not available at all shops)

• Your clothes.

• Washing detergent if you want to use washing machine (can also be purchased at the local stores)

• Water: no need to bring bottle water, the water at Go Wild resort is save for drinking.(Bottled water can also be purchased at the local stores)

• Wood and charcoal are available from the locals- The local charcoal is suitable for braai.

• "Potjie" for your seafood stew or "potjiekos"

• Mosquito repellent

• Beach & board games.

• Camping chairs.

• Camera / Video camera.

• First Aid kit and Medication for all minor eventualities.

• Torch

• Wall Power Points - standard SA 3 point plugs in the Villas

• Two-pin plugs for chargers cellphones etc.

• Fishing gear - Do not attempt to do any kind of fishing from the beaches/deep sea without the necessary Mozambique fishing licence. License available From Dept of Fishery at the Praia.

• Diving / snorkeling equipment

• Beach umbrella / gazebo

• Small hand Scale - If you intend to buy seafood from the locals rather use your own hand scale.

• Petrol/Diesel - Some petrol stations take Visa cards but before filling up make sure that the card machine is working.